Free Resources During Coronavirus

Free Resources During Coronavirus

Free Resources During Coronavirus

This has been a season full of challenges, unknowns, and lots of "new norms." In the midst of this, we're seeing individuals and companies show great compassion and generosity.

A Case in Point: Free Resources During Coronavirus

Here is the roundup of our favorite Free Resources During Coronavirus...

Free Resources During Coronavirus

Free Resources During Coronavirus: Fitness

Nike Training Club

This well-designed app offers great strength training, cardio, and HIIT workouts right on your phone. And, during coronavirus, Nike Training Club has a special offer. They've made NTC Premium free. They wrote:

"We’re evolving as the world is evolving and we want you to stay healthy and active. Enjoy on-demand class-style workouts, programs, and expert tips on nutrition, sleep, and more with free access to NTC Premium to all Nike Members until further notice."

You can check out the Nike Training Club App here: 

Some of our favorite at-home fitness resources have always been free, but we thought they're worth mentioning:

Popsugar Fitness

These workout videos on Youtube have everything from HIIT to stretching and dance cardio. You can check out their channel here:


These amazing workout videos are hosted by Kelli and Daniel, an adorable husband-wife team that will motivate, encourage, and get you into shape! Their free workout videos run the spectrum from strength-building to cardio. We love their search tool, where you can narrow down their library of free workout videos according to workout length, difficulty, body focus, and style of workout. You can use their search tool here:

Free Resources During Coronavirus

Free Resources During Coronavirus: Business Learning 

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn sent out a lovely email to its registered users with the following message:

"To help support you and your workforce adapting and ideally thriving, we've opened up a number of LinkedIn Learning courses that focus on being productive while working from home, including tips on using virtual meeting tools to build relationships in a new working environment. They are now available for free."

What a gift! And if you haven't tried LinkedIn Learning before, they also offer a Free 1-month Trial Membership that you can sign up for here:

American Express: Stand for Small

The team at American Express have put together some really great free resources during coronavirus, that cater specifically to small business owners. Admittedly, a lot of the featured services are fee-based. However, many of the companies and services featured on this page are offering free trials. If you'd like to discover new resources to help your business thrive (both during and after coronavirus), this page is worth checking out. 

 Free Resources During Coronavirus

Free Resources During Coronavirus: Kids and Students

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is offering 3 months of free language learning for students. They provide courses in Spanish (Latin America), English (American), French, German, Italian, Arabic, Filipino (Tagalog), Irish, Persian (Farsi), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Mandarin), Greek, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, English (British), Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese. If you're currently home-schooling your kids or know anyone who is, this is a wonderful resource! You can access this Free Resources During Coronavirus using the following link:

Audible Stories

Audible Stories is offering free audible books and resources for kids and teens. Their message is simple and sweet: 

"For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Right now, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids."

You can access this Free Resources During Coronavirus here:


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Thanks so much! We hope you discovered a few Free Resources During Coronavirus that will brighten your day during this time!

Take care and stay well!

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