Holiday Stress Busters

by Sweeten the Day

Beat Holiday Stress In 3 Easy Steps

What would it feel like to actually enjoy the holiday season? To replace hectic schedules with unhurried moments and magical memories?
It may sound like a Christmas miracle, but beating holiday stress is possible. Keep reading to discover how to transform a  hectic holiday into a season that's truly merry and bright.

Your 3 Steps To Beat Holiday Stress

We're keeping it sweet and simple with 3 easy steps to help you beat holiday stress. Today we'll focus on step 1, but here's a brief overview steps 1-3. 

Step 1: Make A List

We're not talking about endless to-do lists. We mean a simple list of what's TRULY important. To help you with that, we've created a FREE Holiday Checklist Download for you (keep scrolling for the download link).

Step 2: Plan For Joy
Sometimes the joy of the season gets pushed to the side, with errands and responsibilities taking center stage. That's why it's so important to prioritize joy and to plan for special moments that you'll remember forever. 

Step 3: Use All Available Resources
This is not the time to  "do it all" all by yourself. Take a cue from successful business owners who've learned to outsource tasks that others can do more efficiently. When you do this, you'll have time to focus on the activities and people you love.

Step 1 to Beat Holiday Stress: Make A List

One of the best ways to beat holiday stress is to clearly state (in writing) your priorities. This list will help you filter each opportunity and activity in the upcoming season through the lens of, "Is this helping me achieve my priorities or is it keeping me from them?" The clarity gained through this simple list-making task is priceless.

While this list will look different for everyone, here are some examples of what may make the cut:
sending Christmas cards, giving gifts, hosting Christmas dinner, baking cookies with the kids, Christmas carols with grandma and grandpa (even if it's via Facetime), Christmas Eve service, etc.

For this list to work, try not to add anything that adds heaps of stress without adding real joy. For example...  a perfectly decorated home that could grace the cover of Home & Garden probably isn't list-worthy. However, putting out special decorations as a family would definitely make the list!

To help you get started, here's your FREE Holiday Checklist Download. PLUS, we've included a BONUS Holiday Gift List, to help you keep track of special gifts for special people.


Get Your FREE Holiday Checklist Here >>

P.S. - If you don't know WHAT to give the people you love, we've got you covered. Stay tuned for our next blog post.

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