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What is sweeten the day?

An online gift shop that helps busy people
send awesome gift sets, filled with artisan goods

Join us as we make the world a sweeter place!

Become a Sweeten the Day Affiliate today!

Earn Major Commissions As You Help Make the World A Sweeter Place!

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Our gifts are full of heart & build relationships...whether professional or personal.

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10% of net profits go straight to charity!

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Every purchase supports the artisans & makers featured in our online shop!

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Become a Sweeten the Day affiliate!

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Join us as we make the world a sweeter place!

Become a Sweeten the Day Affiliate today!

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Affiliate Earning Tiers:

When you join...
Tier I: Earn 10% Commission

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Tier III: Earn 14% Commission!

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How do commissions work? Glad you asked!

Every time someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link,
we pay you a commission % based on the purchase price.

Let's say you're a Tier III affiliate member.

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50 Sales

We co-host a giveaway with you on Social Media and provide the winner with a gift set (Valued at over $100!!!)

100 Sales

You get an exclusive gift set, welcoming you to Tier II

300 Sales

You & your brand will be featured through a Collaboration Gift Set on our site!

You get a 10% commission on EVERY Collaboration Gift Set sold
(They don't have to use your affiliate link! But if they do, you'll earn your higher Tier Level commission.)

Join us as we make the world a sweeter place!

Become a Sweeten the Day Affiliate today!


Is there a cap to how much I can earn?
There’s no limit to your earnings! Refer as much as you want. There's no ceiling to how much you can earn!

Does it cost anything to sign up?
There is ZERO cost. We’ll never ask you to pay us. We pay you. Period.

How long does it take to sign up?
Apply in just 60 seconds! 

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How much do I earn?
From day 1, you earn 10% of the purchase price on every sale. As you send more customers our way, you can join our top tier affiliates and earn 14% of every sale!

Why do you pay a 10-14% commission, when places like Amazon only pay out 4%?
We appreciate YOU! We know you’re busy and there are a million things you could be doing. The fact that you’re joining us to support artisans, entrepreneurs, & small business owners means the world to us!

How do I share Sweeten the Day with my audience, without being “salesy”?
We’re so glad you asked! In your welcome email, we give you FREE digital downloads, which includes our PDF Guide: “Top 5 Super Cool, Non-Salesy Ways to Send Your Affiliate Earnings Through the Roof” 

I’m so busy! Does it take a lot of time to be an affiliate?
We want this program to be a blessing for you! So we've got an awesome affiliate dashboard that puts everything you need at your fingertips.

How do I get paid?
Every month, you'll receive your payment through PayPal. The only info we need from you is the email associated with your PayPal account. No bank details required!

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Join us as we make the world a sweeter place!

Become a Sweeten the Day Affiliate today!