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Give the gift of...


Imagine their joy and ear-to-ear smiles as they unwrap the gift that's PERFECT for them!

Keep reading to discover your personalized gift recommendations!

Be a gifting all-star with these top tips!

Make it Personal

They'll know how much you care when you personalize a gift and tailor it to their personality.

Think Through the Details

Consider how your gift will fit into their lifestyle. Will it actually be used and enjoyed?

Wrap with Care

Maximize their joy by making your gift's first impression wow-worthy!

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Here are the gifts that will make their heart sing!

If you have a lot spare time, these gifts are perfect!

Create a scavenger hunt! Leave clues around the city that will take them from a delectable brunch to a bike ride in the park to their favorite ice cream shop. Relish the day together and watch childlike joy light up their face!

Treat them to a night on the town! Enjoy dinner at a chic new restaurant before you watch your favorite band take the stage. If you can’t do this on Valentine’s Day, present the gift as a “voucher” along with a special watch or bracelet they can wear that night.

Take them to fun class! Whether it’s a chocolate-making course or a kayaking workshop, have fun trying something new together!

If you have 1-2 hours, these gifts deliver a whole lot of heart!

Shop around and find a gift that will bring out their inner child! Whether it’s a subscription baking box or a watercolor kit, send them an activity that’s outside their normal routine.

Don’t have time for dinner together? Take them to a soda parlor where you can enjoy sundaes and root beer floats with an extra helping of childlike glee! 

If you have 5 minutes or less, help has arrived!

Save yourself the stress of shopping and get help from the experts! With Sweeten the Day’s online tool, you can design and send a custom gift box, filled with locally crafted treats, in minutes!