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Welcome TEDxNashville family!

What a joy to meet you and celebrate the extraordinary things that female leaders are accomplishing!
We know you're a dreamer, a doer and a world-changer. That means you're super busy! Sweeten the Day is here to help you gift with heart, quickly and easily, so your crazy schedule won't cost you vital connections and relationships. 
Because we love you and believe in your dreams, here are two free gifts to help you live your dreams and become all you can be!

Gift 1:

Free local delivery for gifts from Sweeten the Day! Use code "TEDx" at the checkout. (Psst...the holidays are the perfect time to show your clients, employees and partners how much you care!)

Gift 2:

Free Digital Booklet... 10 Power Thoughts that Will Change Your Life
We've compiled 10 extraordinary thoughts that will transform your perspective, supercharge your impact and increase your capacity to change the world.
Just email hello@sweetentheday.com and write "10 Thoughts" in the subject line.